Lisa, Kathy and Mike

Before Kathy Nativo
Waterville, Ohio - 1982

Left to Right - Kathy Benson, Lisa Wagner and Myself

I was looking for a female singer before the Roadside Band.
My friends Kathy and Lisa give a try at singing in this audio.
Kathy gave up right away because the tune was out of her range.
She's the first one you hear talking in this clip. Then Lisa gives it
a try and she did pretty good. I was going through two old tapes
early this morning and came across this short clip.

Takes an hour or 90 minutes to listen to these old cassette tapes
from start to finish so when I find a segment I want, I mark and
make it digital right away. It's too hard to go back on cassette
tapes to find one segment in the middle of the tape to make
digital. Takes a lot of time to listen for the small part you want.

This was the day Kathy, Lisa and I went fishing in the Maumee River.
Didn't take us long to fry them up and enjoy pan fried fish.
It was hard for me to get in the mood to sing this song because
we just finished cleaning and eating all those fish.
She was dirty, smelled like fish and so was I.
If memory serves, she still had fish scales on her shirt and in her hair too.

 Hoping to find some more Roadside
Tapes in this group. None of them are marked.

Those were good times.

-Michael Gingrich

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