Roadside Band - 1983Roadside Band - 1983

Wedding - Voice Only
1983 - Port Clinton, Ohio

Kevin Hughes - Drums - Vocal
Duane Massey - Bass - Vocal
Michael Gingrich - Lead Guitar - Vocal
Terry Schwartzwalder - Keyboard - Vocal

Terry Schwartzwalder Now....we were playing at this wedding in Port Clinton, OH. Duane was the "MC" at the reception....and he was terrible at it!! And one thing that Duane was never known for was a "loss of words"...but in this would have been much better had he suddenly contracted a bad viral case of laryngitis!! Mike and I kept looking at each other the whole time " cringing" in disbelief. If you listen closely in the background....Kevin and I started playing the beginning of the theme to the "Pink Panther" to pass the time!!
- by Terry Schwartzwalder

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