Roadside Band - 1983

Stalling for Time
North Towne Square Mall, Toledo, Ohio - Sunday, July 17, 1983
Trying to fix a problem while Duane stalls the crowd.

Duane Massey - Bass
Kevin Hughes - Drums
Kathy Nativo - Guitar
Michael Gingrich - Guitar
Terry Schwartzwalder - Keyboard

Michael Gingrich
During the Concert at the North Towne Square Mall in
Toledo, Ohio, Terry had lost volume somehow on his
Keyboard. I was adjusting the Bi-Amp while Terry
was checking all his Keyboard Settings. While we
were trying to fix the problem, Duane was stalling
the crowd even going so far as to ask if anyone in
the audience had a pair of fingernail clippers.
A radio station there was having a contest.
Whoever came up with the title of the song we
were playing first won a prize. We had to whisper
to each other what we were going to play next
because we were not aware about this contest till
after we arrived at the Mall.
Also, there was a thunderstorm going on
outside. Duane made a reference to it in this clip.

-by Michael Gingrich

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