Roadside Band - 1983

Sibling Rivalry
Whitehouse Inn - 1983
Duane's Brother Bill tries to sing

Duane Massey - Bass
Kevin Hughes - Drums
Michael Gingrich - Guitar
Terry Schwartzwalder - Keyboard

Well...the drinks were flowing at the Whitehouse Inn. Duane had a younger brother named "Bill".
Bill would come see us play quite a bit. He usually sat at the "fan club" table with the
band's various relatives and friends.
On this occasion, unbeknownst to the band other than Duane, a little good natured
"semi-heated" discussion had taken place at the table during one of our breaks
between Duane and Bill. We were soon to learn that it involved
"who could sing better than whom". Bill said that he was going to prove it
and asked if we knew the song "Last Kiss". Of course, Mike did...and so after the break
Bill came up on the stage with Duane and the rest of us to sing "Last Kiss".
 If you listen very closely before the song can hear the brother's
trading little "barbs" with each other.
As far as Bill's claim to fame with his singing ability over Duane's...we will
just let the listener decide for themselves on that matter......

-by Terry Schwartzwalder

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