Roadside Band - 1983Roadside Band - 1983

 I have videos of Roadside Band from 1983.
The only problem is, they are all on Beta Tapes
from that time period. I've saved all those tapes
but haven't had a beta player since 1984.
Haven't seen these tapes in over 30 years now.
For those interested in watching them,  I need your help.

I've estimated it's going to cost approximately
$200.00 to get a Beta Player that works
plus the hardware and software that will allow me
to transfer them digitally to the current modern
format that will work with Windows 10.
( My Current Operating System )

The one video I do have posted here came
from one of those Beta Tapes and that file
has been hanging around on one of my
backup drives for a long time. I'm going
to re-do that so it's much better quality
once I get the right equipment and post
all the videos right here on this site.

If you would like to contribute to help me purchase
the equipment you can do so online at this link
using PayPal. I have nothing to do with those
transactions. They are totally handled by Pay-Pal
using Pay-Pal or a Major Credit Card.
You will receive a email conformation of your
transaction from Pay-Pal.

Contribute using PayPal
or a major credit card

If you would like to use a different method
contact me at any of the following locations:
Facebook - 
Twitter - 
Direct Email -

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